Social Media Audits

When you think of the word “audit”, typically you’ll be thinking about some time of common audit, like an IRS tax audit or financial audit.

People typically do not think of other types of audits such as a company audit, or in this case, a social media audit.

When it comes to these social media audits, they can provide a vast amount of information. These audits, as mentioned by Hootsuite, can cover areas such as:

  • what’s working and what’s not
  • whether impostor accounts are stealing your fans
  • which outdated profiles you need to revive, repurpose, or shut down
  • new opportunities to grow and engage your audience.

All of the information that is found from social media audits come purely from social media channels, and the data can be recorded from a wide variety of different methods.

This data can be accessed through ways such as simply searching the web with a Google Search and searching the various social networks.

This data is grouped into categories:

  • Who – can be the company, the consumers, or the competitors
  • Where – which social media channel is analyzed and what is the look and feel like
  • What – the type of content that is posted, and the attitude towards the posts
  • When – the frequency of posts as well as the number of engagement in a time period
  • Why – the purpose behind the data, such as to inform costumers of new products

All of these categories can be tied into how these audits cover different areas of social media. Many companies today have created templates for social media audits, such as this one here on Post Control Marketing.

Social Media Audit Example

These templates may be formatted differently, so it’s important to view multiple ones to see which template would best go with each audit. Of course, one can also create their own template as well.

Although these templates appear different, they still have the same primary focus, to deliver insights based off of data in order to assess growth and opportunities that can improve the subject’s social media presence.

If performing your own social media audit seems like too much, companies can always hire professionals that will perform a social media audit on their brand. Also check out this website for some tips on performing your own social media audit!

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